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Terms Of Trade

Pump Safe accepts responsibility to ensure that:

At least one fully trained and competent operator is available to safely use the pumping equipment      and direct all other Pump Safe employees

Pumping equipment is well maintained and in a sound mechanical condition

Safe systems of work are being followed

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided and used

Public liability insurance is current and adequate

All work is carried out in such a manner as to minimise mess and runoff

A safe working environment is maintained

Facilities for the health and safety of employees are provided

Procedures to deal with emergencies that may arise while employees are at work are provided

The hazards associated with the set-up and use of concrete pumping equipment are controlled so as to be safe for employees

Customer’s responsibilities:


The customer shall provide the following facilities to the operator for such time as is necessary to complete the job:

Adequate water supply at the pumping location (no water supply will result in an additional charge to the customer)

An adequate area to wash the pump and hoses

An adequate area for excess concrete and water from the pump and hoses at the end of the job


Customer is responsible for ensuring that the necessary catchments and silt mats are in place to catch water and slurry runoff at the bottom of the property

Health and Safety:

The customer shall provide the following health and safety requirements:

All necessary scaffolding, ladders and barriers for the safe execution of the job

Temporary lighting at the pump location, along the concrete hose and at the concreting location when necessary

If pumping location is off-street:

The customer shall provide a suitable off-street location for the concrete pump that is:

Accessible and reasonably level with a firm base able to support a fully loaded working pump and concrete delivery trucks

Clear from obstructions and excavations

Free of overhead restrictions that may hinder truck access

Large enough to safely operate the concrete pump and delivery truck without restriction or posing significant risk to other workers.

If any of the above conditions under which the concrete pumping equipment is to operate are not satisfactory to our pump operator, we reserve the right to postpone and/or cancel pumping operations indefinitely. A charge will result in this event. The customer shall be fully liable to Pump Safe for any damage to pumping equipment and/or vehicles caused by ground conditions.

If pumping location is on-street:

If the concrete pump or delivery truck is set up on the street the customer shall:

Obey all local by-laws

Provide any and all requirements for traffic management

Ensure that the general public is provided with safe and segregated access away from the pumping operation

Have an appropriate method for the collection of concrete residue before it enters storm water drains

Provide appropriate ground cover to ensure the road is protected from concrete residue and spillage

If any of the above conditions under which the concrete pumping equipment is to operate are not satisfactory to our operator, we reserve the right to postpone and/or cancel pumping operations. A charge will result in this event.

If any of the above conditions are not met by the customer and a fine is issued by the local council, the customer shall be liable to pay the entire amount of the fine.  

Time Frame

The customer shall set a realistic time schedule for pumping and placing concrete allowing for the pump to arrive on site up to sixty minutes before it is ready to commence pumping and to allow up to sixty minutes after it has ceased the pumping operation to de-rig, wash out and prepare for travel. Correctly space the delivery trucks. Pump Safe is not liable for concrete hardening due to poor timing. The post pumping period of time will be charged at the standard hourly rate. If the pump is delayed in leaving the site, which is outside the operators control, this period will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

Customer must take into account:

Weather conditions

Set-up of the pump and hoses

Capacity of the pump

Volume of concrete

Slab and site limitations

Traffic requirements

Correct Ground Conditions

Clean out and de-rig of the pump.

Late delivery of concrete

Concrete Supply

Concrete Mix - Pump Safe is not liable for incorrect mixes or if the customer is unhappy with the look of the finished product. Concrete cures over time and may look different to how you pictured it. 

The customer is fully responsible for ensuring that the concrete mix is of a specification suitable for the purposes of the job and that it is specifically ‘pump mix’.

The customer shall be responsible for informing the operator and team members of the nature of the concrete mix and any additives that may be incorporated into it.

Pump Safe accepts no responsibility in respect of concrete requirements including, but not limited to: strength, aggregate size, colour, quantity, consistency, amount or any other variable relating to the concrete supply at all.

The concrete supply is property of the customer and Pump Safe is not responsible for removal of any excess concrete after the job is completed whether it resulted from blockages, spillages or any other event that could lead to excess concrete following the pumping operation.

*Any complaints about late concrete deliveries should be taken up with the concrete supplier.

Site Management

The customer is responsible for taking all practicable steps to ensure that all people in the vicinity are not exposed to harm - regardless of the purpose for which they are in the vicinity. The customer shall provide:

A competent supervisor throughout the pumping operation to assist the pump operator and/or team members with any requirements that may arise during the job

An authorised person to sign any concrete delivery dockets as required

Adequate assistance in cleaning any concrete spillages that may occur during routine pumping or placement services

Any additional labour that may be required to complete the job (usually pre-arranged)


The customer shall have full insurance against all liabilities that might occur during concrete pumping. Pump Safe Ltd reserves the right at any time to require confirmation that the customer is insured and cancel pumping operations if adequate insurance is not in effect.

Damage to Equipment

If any damage to Pump Safe Ltd’s hoses and/or other pumping equipment occurs during a job which is outside the control of the operator, Pump Safe reserves the right to charge the customer the full replacement cost or full repair cost of the item/s. As well as charge for any work/time spent on site.


One clear working day minimum notice of cancellation is required and Pump Safe Ltd reserves the right to charge the customer a cancellation fee, the amount of which will be determined on a case by case basis. If a customer sends concrete back or cancels work during a job without consent from Pump Safe director, Pump Safe is not liable for any costs incurred.

Payment terms are 7 days unless agreed otherwise. Any invoice disputes need to be addressed before payment is due. Extra costs will be applied to the invoice if payment is not made and Pump Safe is required to seek legal advice.

Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be accepted by the customer wherein no reply is received within 5 business days of notice.

Terms and conditions subject to change from time to time. 

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